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Episode 93: How to Interview an SEO Agency w/ Greg Bray

In this episode, Greg Bray of Blue Tangerine gives great advice on interviewing an SEO agency. He discusses what to look for in a company overall, some red flags to look out for, and the kinds of questions people should be asking. Here is how to interview an SEO agency.

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Episode 91: How to Implement a Virtual Selling Strategy for Your Construction Business w/ Bryan Kaplan

In this episode, Bryan Kaplan of Construction Consulting gives timely tips on how to sell better virtually. In recent months, construction business have switched much of their sales to digital environments. Here is how to use a digital sales environment to your advantage.

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Episode 63: How Eastbrook Homes Uses Community Events to Drive Sales

Spencer Powell | Nov 19, 2019 12:42:39 PM | Inbound Sales for Home Builders

Can Community Events Help Boost Home Sales?

According to Sarah Titus, marketing manager of Eastbrook Homes in West Michigan, and her marketing assistant Marissa Roden, the answer is a resounding yes. Sarah and Marissa have been organizing free community events in West Michigan to get people in their homes and boost their sales. These events include sneak peaks, educational seminars run by their builders, grand openings, summer picnics, and their big annual event — all of which are free, often involve non-profits and food galore, and get community members to come together, have a good time, and in effect, buy homes.

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Episode 61: Construction Is A Not for Profit Industry with David Gerstel

David Gerstel Is...

A legend within the industry. Those aren’t his words, or Spencer’s; that’s just what people say about him. He’s a carpenter, builder, writer, speaker, consultant, and industry expert with financial and personal wisdom to share about working in the construction industry. David talks about why builders shouldn’t do estimates for free, financially preparing your company for recessions, and why the construction industry tends to be not for profit.

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Episode 58: Branding vs Marketing

Builder Funnel Growth Series

On the growth series episodes, Spencer and other Builder Funnel teammates will tackle the hottest topics in marketing, business, and personal growth for leaders in the home building and remodeling industry, to help you find success in an ever-changing business world.

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Episode 57: The Future of Green Architecture with Eric Corey Freed

Why the Green Building Revolution Is Good for Your Business

Eric Corey Freed began his architecture career at age six while drawing better versions of his home on his father's RX pad. Ever since he began his full-time career as an architect, Eric was looking at sustainability before it was a trend.

In 2019, why do Net Zero Buildings matter so much to Eric's mission of improving the climate change crisis?

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Episode 56: Habit Momentum

Introducing: Builder Funnel Growth Series

To celebrate reaching Episode 50 of Builder Funnel Radio, we have something special for our listeners. We are launching our brand new Growth Series! Every other Builder Funnel Radio episode will feature Spencer and focus on tangible ways you can grow your business, grow your team, and grow yourself.

Get ready to be challenged, motivated, inspired, and called to action!

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Episode 55: Small & Mighty with Rob Baugher

Rob Baugher...

Brings 46 years of experience in the remodeling business to the Builder Funnel Radio podcast in this episode. Over the past 46 years, Rob has owned 25 companies. Rob truly has an understanding and a passion for the remodeling business that rarely seen, and he shares with us some incredible gems on today's show.

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Episode 54: Always Be Learning

About Our Growth Series

Welcome to Builder Funnel Radio Growth Series! In this bi-weekly series, members of the Builder Funnel Team will take on a powerful topic on marketing, business, growth, leadership, and more.

Get ready to be challenged, motivated, inspired, and called to action!

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Episode 53: Achieving Rapid Growth for Your Construction Business w/ Matthew Pollard

In this episode, Spencer hosts Matthew Pollard. Matthew is an author, speaker, introvert, and rapid growth expert. Matthew talks to us about how to find your niche, how to tell a powerful story, and even how to systematize your sales process. 

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