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Ep. 25: How to Build Your Residential Construction Company to Sell, Part 2

In Part 2, Wes and Brooks continue their discussion about the lack of publicly-traded remodeling companies from last week.

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Ep. 24: How to Build Your Residential Construction Company to Sell

There is a process every business owner must go through in order to sell their business. Wes and Brooks provide their insight into what investors in the residential construction market are looking for.

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Ep. 23: Opportunities COVID-19 Is Creating for Residential Construction

Wes and Brooks share their advice on why being open to change is good for your family business. Business owners that listen and make changes based on what their clients are looking for will be better off.

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Ep. 22: Does Work-Life Balance Exist for Construction Businesses?

Find yourself at work all the time? Fear that you're missing out on things going on in your personal life? It's a concern most professionals have throughout their careers. Sometimes work success spells danger for personal matters. 

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Ep. 21: Hard Business Lessons Learned So You Don't Have To

Wisdom allows us to take our past experiences and reflect on what could be done differently for the future. Sometimes, we go through situations and say, "I wish I would've known this before."

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Ep. 20: Start Your Own Company Board and Set Goals During COVID-19

Not sure who should be a part of your company board or how meetings should be structured? Wes and Brooks break down their advice on setting realistic business goals and who you should trust to carry them out.

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Ep. 19: Create Your Fortress Balance Sheet

In this week's episode, Wes and Brooks discuss the importance of managing your balance sheet.

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Ep. 18: Using Leverage and Managing Liquidity

In this episode, Wes and Brooks dive into the complex balancing act of managing finances and taking risks.

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Ep. 17: What Happens When Your Business Outgrows a Family Member?

In this week's episode, Wes and Brooks break down the tips you need to know when transitioning the ownership of your family business. 

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Ep. 16: Do's and Don'ts of Family Business

Backed by decades of experience, Wes and Brooks discuss common family business problems that arise and share their tips on how to solve them. These issues include poor communication between employees and family members, maintaining a work-life balance, eliminating favoritism amongst staff, and more. 

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