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Ep. 26: Why Email is the Best Way to Reach Your Audience w/ Ethan Beute

In this week's episode Spencer hosts Ethan Beute from BombBomb - an email video platform. Ethan has been doing email marketing for almost 10 years now, and he knows a thing or two. Ethan shares with us some of his tips and tricks for crafting effective email campaigns, how to not annoy your readers, and how to increase open and click rates. Ethan is a goldmine of good practices, and his stats on how video can improve your email campaigns are pretty impressive. So sit back and enjoy episode 26 of Builder Funnel Radio with Ethan Beute.

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Episode 25: Level Up Your Construction Business featuring Dominic Rubino

In this week's episode Spencer hosts Dominic Rubino of the Cabinet Maker Profit System Podcast. Dominic is a long time professional business coach. Dominic himself has built and sold multiple businesses, and draws upon those experiences to help construction business owners level up their operations. Dominic shares a ton of great tips that range from which kind of meetings you should be having, how to delegate responsibility and tasks, and even gives some insight into selling your business. There is MUST-LISTEN material in this show, so don't miss it. You can catch Dominic's tips here on Builder Funnel Radio.

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Episode 24: Websites: Form or Function with Spencer Powell

In this week's episode I fly solo on the mic and talk about websites. I talk about whether or not you should focus on the design of your site or its functionality.

These insights come from years and years of inbound marketing experience and from personally having my hands on client websites. I have seen first hand ugly websites that convert like crazy, as well as beautiful websites that turned out to be duds. You can learn some of my tips and tricks here on Builder Funnel Radio.

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Episode 23: Grow Smarter with Business Analytics w/ Jason Adams & Frank Patka

In this week's episode we talk to Jason Adams and Frank Patka from Build Intelligence. They take us into the world of business automation and analytics.

We talk about everything from why you should be using analytics and automation, to how to get everything started and set up. Their solutions make home builder businesses easier to run. Listen in here to learn all of their tips and tricks on Builder Funnel Radio.

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Episode 22: Learn How to Grow Your Business by Networking w/ Blair Kaplan

In this week's episode we talk to Blair Kaplan of Blair Kaplan Communications. Blair is a Marketer and PR Expert of over ten years now. Blair talks to us about the importance of networking, and how to make the most of it. She talks about how to get started, how to network if you are an introvert, how to stay in touch with the new people you meet, and a few tricks about how to turn your networking efforts into referrals. 

Learn all of Blair's tips and tricks here on Builder Funnel Radio.

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Episode 21: Grow Your Construction Business w/ Graeme Owen

In this week's episode we talk to Graeme Owen of The Successful Builder. Graeme is a professional business coach in the construction industry. He talks to us about everything from getting your business started, to attracting quality staff, to "getting off the tools" so that you can grow your business. If you are a construction company owner, or have dreams of owning your own construction business, then this podcast is for you. 

Learn all of Graeme's tips and tricks here on Builder Funnel Radio.

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Episode 20: Leveraging Live Chat to Grow Your Business w/ Jonathan Scott

In this weeks episode we talk to Jonathan Scott from Apex Chat. Jon talks us through all things live chat related. He talks about everything from how to get started implementing live chat, training your chat sales team, to the three things you must nail to be successful at live chat. If your business generates leads using live chat, or you could benefit from live chat then this is a must listen.

You can learn all of Jon's tips here on Builder Funnel Radio.
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Episode 19: Leveraging Customer Feedback to Grow Your Business w/ Laura Summerlin

In this weeks episode we talk to Laura Summerlin from Guild Quality. Laura talks us through all things customer feedback. She talks about how to get started collecting feedback, how to deal with negative feedback, implementing systems based on customer feedback, and even how to fuel business growth by leveraging feedback. If you are a builder who's trying to grow or improve their business, you need to listen to this episode.

You can learn all of Laura's tips here on Builder Funnel Radio.
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Episode 5: Debunking Remodeler Marketing Myths w/ Mark Harari

In this week’s episode, Spencer interviews Mark Harari of Remodeler’s Advantage about common marketing myths he hears from remodelers.  Mark Harari is Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of Remodeler’s Advantage, the remodeling industry’s most comprehensive business support organization.

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Episode 4: What is Inbound Marketing?

This week on Builder Funnel Radio, Spencer hosts Danielle Russell to discuss one of the most common questions we hear.  “What is Inbound Marketing anyway?”

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