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Ep 162: How to Make Your Business More Valuable w/ Duane Johns

Starting your own remodeling, contracting, or home building business is a big undertaking! Duane Johns, co-host of Builder Nuggets and regional partner of Alair Homes, joins Spencer in this episode to share some advice on creating your own business freedom. Check out this episode to learn more about creating an exit strategy, how to avoid getting stuck in your company, and how to create freedom in your business.

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Episode 129: How to Close More Home Improvement Leads

Want some tips and tricks for trying to secure leads?

In this episode, Josh Carter from Hatch talks with Spencer about the best practices for getting in touch and following up with leads. 

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Sales Mastery for Remodelers & Custom Builders w/ Bryan Kaplan

A Builder Funnel Radio Mini Series

Welcome to an exclusive Builder Funnel Radio Original Mini Series, Remodeling Sales Mastery w/ Bryan Kaplan.

In this mini series, Bryan is going to show you how to massively improve your sales process and close more deals.  We are going to go on a journey of awareness of the psychology behind selling, and why this is a crucial aspect of closing the RIGHT deals.  

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[All 4 Episodes] Construction Business Profit Bleeds Podcast w/ Todd Dawalt

Avoid these Construction Business Profit Bleeds to Increase Profitability

Welcome to the this Builder Funnel Radio Original Mini Series, Profit Bleeds w/ Todd Dawalt. 

In this mini series, Todd and I dive into 8 different profit bleeds that are causing your construction business to lose money.  Solve these profit bleeds, and you’ll have yourself a solid, profitable construction business.

If you don’t know Todd, you should know that he’s on a mission to help small construction business owners.  He is the founder and host of The Construction Leading Edge podcast, one of the most popular and longest running podcasts dedicated to the construction industry.  Over his 20 year career, Todd has owned a construction business and built projects ranging from bathroom remodels to high rises. Now he coaches construction business owners to help them maximize profits, eliminate chaos and take their business to the next level.

As you listen to this series, you’ll find yourself nodding along as Todd talks through common scenarios you see every week that are bleeding away profit from your business.  These are things like down time, schedule overruns and unsolicited charity.

Each episode will have practical, tactical strategies for eliminating profit bleeds and putting more cash back in your pocket!

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