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Episode 107: How to Brand Your Local Construction Business w/ Dave Miles

In this episode, Dave Miles of Miles Brand discusses all things branding. He talks about branding on a local level, how much you should be spending on marketing tactics, and how to differentiate your brand.

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Episode 97: Recession-Proof Your Contractor Business through Branding w/ Tom Reber

In this episode, Tom Reber of the Contractor Fight discusses steps businesses can take during difficult times to be successful. He explains how leadership is essential to success, the importance of building your brand, and how to approach and overcome common challenges. Here is how to recession-proof your business.

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Episode 89: How to Turn Your Construction Business into a Sellable Asset w/ Ken Parsons

Spencer Powell | May 19, 2020 9:19:58 AM | Branding, Builder Funnel Radio

In this episode, Ken Parsons of The Brothers that just do Gutters discusses the E-Myth, why you should always be recruiting, and gives tips on how to grow your business with intentionality.

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Episode 72: Social Media for Branding vs. Lead Generation

Spencer Powell | Jan 21, 2020 9:49:57 AM | Social Media Marketing, Branding

Selling Your Brand on Social Media

If you're using social media to elevate your contractor business, you're already a little ahead of the game. But are you just using it to generate leads? Because social media can do so much more that that.

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Episode 70: Spencer’s Top Book Recommendations [2020]

Spencer Powell | Jan 7, 2020 11:57:01 AM | Branding, Marketing Tools

The Best Business and Personal Growth Books for You to Read in the New Year

Spencer is a big believer in continuous growth, whether in your business or in your personal life. As such, he reads dozens of books every year, which puts him in an excellent position to recommend a few of his favorites for you to read in 2020.

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