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Episode 72: Social Media for Branding vs. Lead Generation

Spencer Powell | Jan 21, 2020 9:49:57 AM | Social Media Marketing, Branding

Selling Your Brand on Social Media

If you're using social media to elevate your contractor business, you're already a little ahead of the game. But are you just using it to generate leads? Because social media can do so much more that that.

It may sound odd, but social media is one of the best branding tools your business could have. People spend so much time on social media nowadays, and you could take advantage of this to get them spending more time with your brand in the digital space. Don't just use social media to sell products; sell your personality and culture.

Of course, social media is pay-to-play by nature, because it can be tough to get good organic reach without spending money to boost posts. But, well, it's worth it.


Use Your Social Media as a Branding Tool

In this episode, Spencer gives actionable tips on which platforms are best used for what, why video does so well on social media, and overall how to best leverage social media as a branding tool for your contracting business.

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio.




  • 0:40 Episode introduction
  • 1:12 Come see Spencer at IBS in Las Vegas
  • 2:09 Social media for branding, not just elad generation
  • 3:33 A quick breakdown of each social media platform
  • 7:00 The pay-to-play nature of social media
  • 8:59 Build your brand (and your email list!)
  • 10:43 LinkedIn, perhaps the best tool for organic reach
  • 11:50 The power of branding on social media
  • 13:23 Why video performs better on social media
  • 15:31 How to start using video on social media
  • 16:33 Spencer's takeaways
  • 17:29 Reminder: come say hey at IBS in Las Vegas



Full Episode Transcription

Note: this podcast was transcribed automatically and may contain minor grammatical errors and missed words.


Spencer 0:08
Welcome to Builder Funnel Radio here you'll learn about how to grow your home building remodeling or contracting business. If you're not growing, you're moving backward. So we want you to always be in growth mode. This podcast has really turned into a movement and community of people who want to grow personally and professionally. Here we bring you some of the best marketing sales and business minds in the industry, so you can elevate your business.

Spencer 0:36
All right, let's dive into the show.

Spencer 0:40
Hey, welcome to Builder Funnel Radio. This is Episode 72. And in this episode, I do a deep dive into social media as a branding tool, not as a lead generator and I think this is a super important topic where there's a lot of confusion. So I really hope you guys enjoyed this episode. And don't forget, hit me up if you have any question. Find me on social or send a quick email to radio@builderfunnel.com. Love to hear from you on that and let's dive into the episode.

Spencer 1:12
Hey guys, welcome back to builder funnel radio. Today we're going to dive into the world of social media and how you can use it for branding. A lot of you want to use it for lead gen, before we get too deep in the weeds pretty excited because my son just turned one and we went out for celebrate story, frozen yogurt and so got to witness his his face when he first tasted some real real sugar, some of the real good stuff and pretty entertaining. And so if some of you listening if you've had kids or have kids, I'm sure you've experienced something like that. But it was pretty fun. And this week is exciting because we're in Vegas at the builder show and so timely, we're talking about social media, but you should definitely follow along. If you're there. Come say Hey and track me down. But if you're not keep tabs us on us. On Instagram, that's probably the best place to follow along. But what I really wanted to dive into today was how social media is evolving and changing. And I think we have a tendency to kind of get stuck in a rut and think about some of these channels in a little bit too much of a traditional way. And so we use these channels to just kind of post our message and jam it out to the world. And they're really engagement platforms. And so the way we've been seeing these channels evolve is that they're really powerful in terms of getting your brand in front of your audience on a very repetitive basis. And so, yes, we can do things with like paid social ads, and we can do strategic campaigns that can drive some leads. But on the whole, I think what we're seeing is that people are going to engage with you and follow you and they're going to Get to know your content, they're going to see you over time. And then eventually, they will actually convert into a lead, but you probably won't see that immediately. And so you kind of have to get invested with these channels and understanding that this is where the attention is. So many people are spending hours and hours on social media platforms every single day. And so if you think about marketing, it's really about getting attention. And right now you can get attention on social media. And so that's what I want to kind of dig into a little bit more here today. And so let's break down some of the the platforms. And I really want to start with context. Because each platform has its own context. You know, Facebook, it used to be, you know, college kids, and then that platform evolved. And, you know, we saw the next wave, the next generation kind of adopt that platform. And now we're seeing kind of the youngest generation is just totally skipped over Facebook, you know, and they're not even getting on platform, you know, they jumped straight to Instagram. And then there's a newer platform called Tick tock, which is starting to explode. And so it's just interesting to understand that these platforms are going to come and go. And so you have to be ready to shift on a dime, but also understanding the context. And so if you've been treating Facebook, you know, the same way for 10 years, then that strategy probably isn't going to work anymore. Same with Instagram. Same with LinkedIn. And so I always think about what's the context of the platform? And what are people really looking for when they're on that platform. So if you're on Facebook, you're typically wanting to connect with friends and family and see what they're up to. And that's kind of what that platform started as, but then it evolved to like, that's where I get my news and I get information. And so that evolution basically opened the door for some opportunity to start delivering content that kind of met that need of Oh, I'm I'm going to this platform to look for information. and consume. Instagram used to just be for photographers, and it was kind of this niche social media platform. But then the doors kind of blew open. And now you see all kinds of content, people get news there, they watch a ton of video content there. Obviously, photography is still a piece. But if you scroll down your feed, you're seeing more and more video. And so that's something to understand too. And again, that's kind of like, you know, a fun place, you know, place where you're going for entertainment. You're also looking to catch up with, you know, friends and family and see what they're doing. But you're also following, you know, celebrities or athletes or people in the media. And so that platform, again, has evolved. And then if you think about LinkedIn, the context there is different as well. And so you're thinking everyone there is kind of in that business mindset. And so they're professionals, and they're kind of got their business hat on and so your content that you post there should look very different than the content you're posting to it. Instagram was actually just talking to somebody there a contractor down in, in Southern California. And he was saying, Oh yeah, I've got my Instagram account and it just auto post to Facebook. And, Man, I wish I could just auto post to LinkedIn and all these other platforms and going, Yeah, that's great for efficiency. But it really, that content isn't going to perform as well on those other channels, because you just got this like content that was blasted through to the other channel, it has no context for that platform that you're on. So I think understanding the context of the platform that you're sharing content and engaging with people is the first thing that you want to think about as you're posting and, and it's great if you can post a post to multiple platforms at once, but I would argue that you probably don't want to do that. And even if you want to take the same concept, or share the same video or image, try to tweak the the text and thereby the context that goes along with that. The next thing I want to talk about is organic reach. And so organic reach is really, when you go to post something, let's use Facebook as an example, when you go to post something on Facebook, and let's say you have 500 people that like or follow your page, the organic reach is how many people that posts is actually going to get in front of so how many of their news feeds is it going to hit without putting any paid budget behind it. Now, unfortunately, Facebook, organic reach has pretty much dropped to nothing. And so if you're not willing to spend a little bit on advertising, so boosting your posts or doing some Facebook ads, you probably will see that those normal organic posts are not doing a whole lot. So I definitely recommend testing at least putting you know five bucks behind some posts or 10 bucks behind some posts here and there. And then definitely look at that. The data there and you'll for sure see that that reach expands I find that you get increased paid reach, but you'll also see Your organic reach is better. And so obviously, there's a nice correlation there between, hey, Facebook says, hey, you're spending some money. Yeah, we're going to give you the paid reach, but your organic reach will probably go up as well. And so it'll, it'll basically just get in front of more of the fans that you already have. kind of unfortunate, but that's the game that we're playing. Instagram is still I would put them kind of in that that medium zone, like when you post you're still reaching a good chunk of your audience, although we're seeing that start to drop further and further. And so that's probably going to take the same path, especially since Instagram is owned by Facebook, they I think they bought them for like a billion dollars a few years ago. And so just be aware of those trends as you're spending a lot of time and energy building these followings on these platforms. Just know that at any point, they could change the platform and then all of a sudden you have to pay to get in front of your own audience that you built. And so that is One of the reasons we're a big believer in building brand, but also building your own email list, because that is something you have a lot more control over. And you can continue to stay in front of those people. So the more you can take your social following and convert it to an email list. And of course, the more you can get in front of those people, if you jump to a new platform, you still got that brand equity that you can pull with you when you, you know, move to another platform. So I would say definitely continue to take advantage of Instagram, I think that's going to be a place that will still serve us well, especially in this industry for a few years, but you're probably going to see declining organic reach. And you might have to do a little bit more of the pay to play in terms of you know, boosting posts to get in front of your audience or your audience that you do want to reach.

Spencer 9:55
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Spencer 10:44
LinkedIn is a really interesting place right now. I think the organic reach seems to be very, very high. I've been spending a lot of time on LinkedIn. So if you follow us at all, you've probably seen some of my LinkedIn content I've been posting pretty much daily and sometimes multiple times. Day there, and I'm seeing really, really strong organic reach me and I'm not paying to boost those posts or send those posts out to extra people. And they're getting really good views within the the feed and also good interaction. And I think too, for a lot of you, you know, there's probably a lot of subcontractors, architects, different people that you would want to connect with and form relationships with people that could potentially refer business to you. And LinkedIn is a really good place to form those connections, then continue to post content that would add value to them, and put you on their radar. So now you're staying top of mind. So when they have that opportunity, then they may reach out and suddenly you've got, you know, a new relationship formed and potentially a long term relationship where they're going to continue to send business. And so that's where I think the power of brand really comes into play is that you're saying, Hey, I'm using these platforms to reach people that I normally wouldn't ever be able to reach? Like, how would I Be able to get in front of all these people before the internet, you know, you'd have to go door to door, you'd have to go to networking events and all these different things. But today, you can just follow them, see if they follow back, reach out and extend a connection on LinkedIn. See if they accept and now they're in your world. And so as you continue to post content, whether that's videos, photos, text updates, they start to see you. And then as they start to see you more and more, they get more familiar with you, they start to like you, they start to trust you. This can all happen just through the internet. And without actually ever meeting face. It's kind of interesting. I've noticed that happened with some of my connections, I'll see them posting they'll see me posting will have connected will maybe exchange a few messages. And then we'll meet at an event Two years later, when we feel like we already know each other super well. And it's like you're meeting an old friend. And so definitely use these platforms to take advantage of the fact that you can reach people that you may be normally wouldn't have been able to reach. And so that's where I think, you know, the branding piece is super, super important. And we get stuck on wanting these channels to just generate us leads immediately. And, again, if you do some really strategic campaigns and you do some targeted advertising, I think, yes, they can work that way. But generally, I think these are great branding tools. The next thing I want to talk about too, is video. And I've mentioned video a little bit as we've been going through this discussion, but what we've seen is, especially with Instagram, definitely on Facebook, and then LinkedIn, for sure, the power of video, one, it performs much, much better on these channels. So you're gonna see better reach. These platforms know that video engages people, so they support video more, they want that video content to get out to more people because these platforms just want people to spend time on their platforms. And so if you're creating video content They want that in front of people, people are going to sit there and watch a video, they're spending more time on the platform. So I think that's one of the reasons but also to people just like watching video, it's a lot easier. It's, it's easier than reading some text. And so you can deliver your message and people are more likely to receive it through video because they're willing to just sit there and absorb the information versus actively working to read and gather the information. Seems like a small thing, but it's extremely powerful. And I don't think images or text, do as good of a job for building both your company brand, or your personal brand, like video does. Because like I said a second ago, as people start to see your face over and over and over again. They feel like they already know you and when they feel like they know you then they can start to trust you. And so in marketing, we talked about this know like and trust and so the first step is really creating awareness. So, again, how do we create awareness We connect with people, we follow them, we see if they follow us back, they see our videos, we maybe put a little ad budget behind it. Now they're aware of us, they've seen us now that they're aware, they have the opportunity to like us. And they're going to like us if we're sharing content that helps them. As we continue to do that over time, they start to trust us, because they've seen us frequently. And we've been adding value to their lives, to their businesses to whatever that may be. And so you're able to do all those super effectively through video. And so as you think about the rest of 2020, I strongly recommend that you figure out how can I start integrating short video content into my social media strategy? And really thinking about your personal brand? I think I was just talking to somebody else today. And they said, Yeah, I really I've got this LinkedIn profile, but it's a personal profile, and I really want to create a company profile. Now we have a company profile, but I find that our personal profiles of both my own and other people on our team here at building funnel they perform so much better. And because people connect with people, and it's easier to connect with a person, you know, you can connect with a company, you can connect with a brand. And there's some, obviously, some big brands have done a great job of doing that. But I think for a lot of smaller businesses, it's a lot easier for people to connect with a specific person. And so don't be afraid to put yourself out there a little bit more and start sharing some of your own ideas, sharing your expertise and what you know about. And again, I would recommend doing that through video when and where you can. So that's what I've got for you today, guys. It was more of a kind of a high level discussion, but I just think there's a lot of confusion around wanting social media to just bang produce leads right away. And that's not really how those channels work. And so if you take the long game, and the long approach of, Hey, I'm going to be in business for a while I'm working on my brand. I want people to be familiar with me. I want them to see me as an expert. I want them to trust me. And when they need what I offer, they're going to know about me because I'm always out there pushing out content helping people. And so really think about it from that branding perspective. And I think you'll start to see a lot more success with social media. And I think you'll have a lot more fun too, because you'll start seeing the results and you won't be expecting things that just aren't happening for you now so hope this was helpful guys, and we will see you next time on builder funnel radio.

Spencer 17:30
Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed that one on social media and just a quick reminder, we are in Vegas this week. So if you are there, definitely look me up and shoot me a quick text 719-660-5731 Find us on social media Cody and I will be there will be posting to Instagram so maybe you can just find us based on that. But text is probably the best way. And if you're not at the show, I definitely recommend following along again on Instagram. You can find us at builder underscore funnel. So yeah, we'll see you guys next time. I hope you enjoyed this episode on social media, get out there and start creating some more video content.

Spencer 18:17
Thanks again for listening everybody. And as a quick reminder text Radio 233777 for some free goodies as a thank you for listening to the show. And if you got some value from today's episode, I just asked that you leave us a quick review on iTunes. It really helps us spread the word and grow this awesome community of people who are working to improve their lives and their business. Thanks again and we'll see you next time on Builder Funnel Radio.

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