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Sales Mastery for Remodelers & Custom Builders w/ Bryan Kaplan

Spencer Powell | Jan 13, 2021 3:30:00 PM | Builder Funnel Radio

A Builder Funnel Radio Mini Series

Welcome to an exclusive Builder Funnel Radio Original Mini Series, Remodeling Sales Mastery w/ Bryan Kaplan.

In this mini series, Bryan is going to show you how to massively improve your sales process and close more deals.  We are going to go on a journey of awareness of the psychology behind selling, and why this is a crucial aspect of closing the RIGHT deals.  

Many people talk about how they aren’t naturally born sales people, and the fact is, not many are.  It’s a learned skill and in episode one we’ll start out by talking about the key ingredients that almost no one talks about.  

After that, we’ll get into the nitty gritty details: the psychology of selling, talking to strangers, charging for your estimates and pre-construction, and how to build your confidence and close the RIGHT deals.  

By the time you finish this mini series, you’ll have a very different perspective of how to motivate your prospects and how to control the sales process even if you don’t think of yourself as a natural-born salesperson


Who is Bryan Kaplan?

An early childhood fascination for all things Lego was the first sign that Bryan Kaplan was born to build. Bryan has walked in the same muddy boots you're probably in right now over his 21+ year career in the residential remodeling and custom building industry.  His experience leaves no stone unturned working from his early days as a Red Seal Certified Carpenter building large and small-scale remodeling projects, and custom new homes. Bryan is also a former Home Inspector, Certified Passive House Builder and has worked on over 300 projects totaling well in excess of $50+ million dollars.  Bryan's lived the business from the front lines as a Carpenter, Site Supervisor, Project Manager, and General Manager and along the way developed systems and mentored dozens of teammates, trade partners and colleagues alike.  

As a business coach, Bryan helps remodelers, contractors and custom home builders just like you improve your business and bottom line. Whether you are just getting started in the industry or ready to scale, he can help. His on-demand program will help newer professionals build a strong foundation. In his fun and engaging masterclasses, he brings industry leaders together to learn, network and improve their business skills – covering everything from setting up your systems, selling with confidence to tracking and understanding your financials. 

He’s helped hundreds of building professionals finally get paid for their expertise, become clear and confident in their processes, and feel at ease in their day-to-day operations. The result is an efficient and profitable business and a long list of raving clients.


Episode 1: Setting the Stage: No One Cares About You!

Dec 17th, 2020 feat. Spencer Powell and Bryan Kaplan

It’s all about them, not you.  This is a core aspect of the relational selling process and we’ll start the conversation here after we dig into Bryan’s bio and history in the business.  He’s been in every end of this business, and as you’ll see throughout this series, is completely relatable to the challenges you face daily.

This is the key ingredient not many are talking about, or doing in their business marketing and sales processes.  Ask yourself “what’s my prospects favorite topic?”.  It’s themselves.  If you focus on how great you are, you are boring your prospects and they won’t feel heard and won’t be attracted to your brand.

Key Points:

  • Storybranding
  • Grabbing someone's attention
  • Getting out of the way of your success
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Commitment to making improvements

Episode 2: What Your Prospective Client is Really Thinking

Dec 24th, feat. Spencer Powell and Bryan Kaplan

In Episode two we start at the beginning in understanding how the decision-making process happens for us.  Your clients are just like you, and often the way they buy mirrors how you do.  We just don’t often look at it this way.  

Key Points:

      • The different parts of the brain that are involved 
      • The things that influence a prospects mindset (Mass media, Relatives & self-proclaimed experts)
      • Runaway train and the sense of control (Free falling in a dream)
      • People want to be on a team of winners, they want to feel like they got a better deal than the next person, and that they avoided defeat
      • The magic blue pill of experience 

Episode 3: Talking to Strangers

Dec 31st, feat. Spencer Powell and Bryan Kaplan

The reality of life is that the people you meet are strangers.  In a very quick time frame - some research suggests as short as 7 seconds - people will make a decision as to whether or not they like that person, and if they don’t like you - they won’t do business with you.  You don’t need to be best friends with your clients, but they need to like you on a deep primordial level.

Armed with this knowledge, Episode Three will dive into how we make a great first impression, how we guide prospects through the journey.  We’ll take the insights from Episode’s Two’s discussion of the psychology at play to our benefit to control the emotional process of talking to strangers.

Key Points:

    • Preparation is the key to predicting your results
    • How to use the mirror
    • It’s all about striving for simplicity
    • The things you aren’t paying attention to that you should be
    • Recognizing where the prospect is in their buying journey (You can’t sell to everyone!)
    • Observe, sense, adjust: The role of emotional intelligence in that initial touch point and beyond
    • The role of emotional intelligence in the sales process (observe, sense, adjust)
    • Your role is to control their emotional journey in the sales and construction processes

Episode 4: Your Sales Process

Jan 7th, feat. Spencer Powell and Bryan Kaplan

Ask yourself this question: Can I walk a prospect through the steps to take them from a complete stranger to a paying client?  This is what it means to have a sales process.  So much of the time, a prospect disappears because we haven’t done a good job of keeping them engaged, kept them moving through a process, and ultimately are making it up as we go along.  

People aren’t stupid and they can sense instability and uncertainty a mile away.  It’s something Bryan reflects on in this episode as we dive deeper into the steps of the sales process.  You don’t want to miss this episode as Bryan unpacks the steps in the process he teaches in his Sales Masterclass.

Big Picture Key Points:

    • You cannot reinvent the wheel each time
    • You must shut out the measuring sticks 
    • Be the guide, let the client be the hero
    • Don’t push for yes without first understanding


Episode 5: Get Paid for Your Estimates and Improve Your Close Rate

Jan 14th, feat. Spencer Powell and Bryan Kaplan

Here’s the deal… a very long time ago someone decided that the relationship of effort to money would be that you expend effort before being paid.  Pile on top of this probably the largest financial risk in any industry and you end up with a completely inverted financial relationship.  One in which you are responsible for shouldering the costs for someone else’s home until you reach an acceptable level of completion where you are paid back, and take a small profit in recognition of this work.

The only way to consistently change this relationship and get the clients that you want is to charge for your estimating and pre-construction work. This is a job cost and not something that you should do for free.

Key Points:

The BIG shift

  • Until you believe in your own value you offer, you will have a very tough time selling a paid process to your clients.
  • You must also get used to also hearing NO
  • Rejection: This is a fiercely guarded human emotion


  • Dentists don’t give free check ups, lawyers don’t give you legal advice for free, and last time I checked accountants don’t do your taxes for free. 
  • There is no difference between design work to estimating work


  • People value what they pay for
  • Truth moment: You actually put clients at a disadvantage if you give free estimates because they will only be able to make sense based on price, and not the actual problem you’re solving for (Scope of work)


  • You have to START
  • Remove all “FREE ESTIMATES” language from your website, promotional materials, social media accounts, and lettering on your vehicles
  • Get comfortable with hearing NO and knowing that if someone doesn’t pay for the estimate that they are likely not your client

The Preliminary Agreement

  • This is a litmus test to see if they feel comfortable enough to spend a bit of money with you
  • It scales up and down based on the dollar value
  • Consider this “cost recovery” as you aren’t looking to become full-time designers (for the most part) with the ultimate goal of relationship building and selling the job!

Episode 6: How to Develop Insane Confidence Even if You're Not a Natural Born Salesperson

Jan 21st, feat. Spencer Powell and Bryan Kaplan

Think of the very best sports figures from the past several decades.  There is one thing they all have in common.  Can you guess what it is?  It’s not that they were gifted physical specimens who move through the court, field, or rink they play in.  It’s not that they were given some insane amount of confidence upon birth that propelled them to where they are, and what they achieved.

The common thread was an insatiable desire to be the best, and they realized early on that the path to success was to constantly improve.  If you want to change the way that you perform on anything, it starts with this same commitment.  Wherever you are starting from right now, you can get to where you want to go if you are willing to be open-minded and put in the time and effort needed.  It’s not going to be easy, you will misstep along the way, but if you stay committed you will reach the promised land.

In our final episode in the Sales Mastery Mini-Series with Bryan Kaplan, we are going to dive deep into how you can gain insane confidence in your sales process, pitching, and closing rate if you follow these key steps we’ll talk about today.  And he’ll share some secret weapons you can use right now.

Next Steps

If you got any value out of this mini series, I highly recommend you visit Bryan's website to learn more.


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