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Ep. 151: Rising/Falling Lumber Costs w/ Bryan Kaplan

With lumber prices fluctuating, home builders, contractors, and remodelers need to be open and honest with clients about the potential for drastic price increases for the cost of materials. Byran Kaplan from Construction Consulting and Spencer chat about the importance of constant communication with clients during these uncertain times. Come hear more about what you should do to protect your company from raising lumber prices during contracts.

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  • 0:38 Introduction

  • 2:31 What Are You Seeing In the Industry?

  • 4:13 How Do You Communicate the Lumber Cost Issues with Customers?

  • 9:57 What Are Some Tactical Additions to Contracts that Could Help with Lumber Price Changes?

  • 13:10 Creating Contracts that Protect Both Parties

  • 19:33 What Will Contractors with Their Margins Now that Lumber Prices are Reducing?

  • 23:25 Delays in the Industry

  • 27:04 Takeaways

  • 29:38 Fast Five

  • 33:00 Final Thoughts



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