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Ep 2: Paul Klassen of Pinnacle Group

Welcome back to another episode of Remodeler Stories! This week we’ve brought on an industry expert who’s been in the game for over three decades: Paul Klassen, Founder and CEO of Pinnacle Group of Companies. He brings with him a wealth of construction knowledge having spent considerable time as a developer in the spec and custom home markets, as well as commercial retrofits, general contracting, project management and upscale Design-Build Renovations. So press play and get ready for a mix of inspiration, tips, and laughter!

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      • 0:35 Introduction 

      • 1:13 Get to Know Paul Klassen, Founder and CEO of Pinnacle Group of Companies 

      • 2:38 Overview of Pinnacle Group 

      • 4:55 How Paul Got His Start in Construction

      • 7:41 The Personal and Professional Challenges He’s Faced 

      • 10:31 Paul’s Current Focus for Himself and His Business  

      • 16:05 The Toughest Part About Growing a Business   

      • 17:50 Paul’s Client Story 

      • 20:38 The Proudest Moment During His Journey 

      • 23:01 What the Future Looks Like for Paul and Pinnacle Group 

      • 25:22 Words of Wisdom for Remodelers




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