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Episode 35: Getting Traffic to Your Contractor Website via Paid Advertising

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Marc Levesque of Webrunner Media. Marc is a paid advertising expert and co-founder of Webrunner Media which is a paid advertising agency that works with Contractors and Home Improvement businesses. Marc covers topics from common paid ad mistakes that rookies make, to how to build a landing page that converts, and even the difference between paid ads and content marketing. Marc covers a ton of great content in this episode, so if you're the owner of a home improvement, or contracting business then this podcast is for you.  

Check it out here on Builder Funnel Radio. 



    • 1:30 - How Marc got started. 
    • 3:50 - Why the Home Improvement niche?
    • 9:21 - Common paid ad mistakes we see beginners making.
    • 15:00 - Drive your traffic here.
    • 17:20 - The landing page decoded.
    • 24:00 - Traffic & Analytics
    • 30:00 - Nail down your marketing budget.
    • 33:15 - getting started in Google Ads
    • 36:20 - The difference between Facebook and Google Ads
    • 42:45 - Content vs. Paid Ads
    • 45:28 - Final Advice - Have a system, know your numbers.

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