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Episode 47: Overcoming Challenges in Your Construction Business w/ Spencer Padgett

In this episode, Spencer Powell hosts Spencer Padgett of CoConstruct (yes, it was a powerful episode with two "Spencer P's").

Spencer Padgett is a veteran in the home building and remodeling business. Now, Spencer helps other construction company owners navigate the highs and lows of business. 

Most owners feel like their business problems are unique, which can cast a large shadow over the idea of growth. Spencer is here to tell you that you are not alone, and you CAN overcome your business challenges.

If you could use some motivation, and a few great resources then this episode is for you.



  • 2:45 How Spencer got started
  • 9:40 Challenges that Spencer has overcome
  • 18:28 Common problems that builders run into
  • 27:10 What is Co-Construct and how it can help you
  • 33:00 The Co-Construct Conference (CoCon)
  • 37:30 Spencer's parting advice

Related Resources:

www.coconstruct.com | Spencer's LinkedIn |Spencer's Cell - 443 240 8332


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