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Episode 40: Nurturing Home Builder Leads with Online Sales featuring Jen Barkan

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Jen Barkan of DoYouConvert.com. Jen is an online sales specialist, and she talks us through what a good online sales specialist does. Jen talks about why this role is so important, what exactly they do within your company, how much to pay them, and much more.

With so many buying decisions being influenced by the internet, it is critical that your company know how to properly nurture internet traffic and leads into happy customers. Jen shares many of her tips and tricks this week on Builder Funnel Radio. 




    • 1:30 How Jen got started.
    • 4:24 Why the online sales role is so critical.
    • 7:55 Can the on-site sales person not do this?
    • 12:00 What is this person's daily role?
    • 18:32 What schedule does this person work?
    • 22:00 How much should you pay this role?
    • 25:25 What to look for when hiring for this position.
    • 29:50 A few benchmark numbers.
    • 34:15 Jen's Final Advice

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