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Ep. 31: How to Develop a Family Mission Statement and Core Values

In this episode, Wes & Brooks Powell emphasize the importance of core values, how they can be utilized for company success, and the major commitment behind keeping these values ingrained in your business.

Listen to the latest episode of BFR to find out how you can get aligned with your fellow owners!

      • 2:09 Introduction
      • 4:55 Mission Statements and Core Values
      • 5:32 Why Do You Think it is Important to Have a Set of Core Values For the Business?
      • 8:02 How Do You Identify Your Core Values?  
      • 15:26 Core Values: Decision-Making
      • 19:55 How Well Aligned Are Your People to Your Core Values? 
      • 28:05 Two Areas of Hard Work - 1. Constantly Revisiting the Core Values 2. Unwillingness to Take the Difficult Steps
      • 30:40: Expert Power vs Core Values
      • 36:00 Builder Funnel Core Values 
      • 39:30 How to Keep Core Values Top-of-Mind and Ingrained in the Company 
      • 43:47 Takeaways

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