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Episode 67: Increasing Mental Health Awareness in the Construction Industry w/ Daniel Allen

How Wacky Shirts Are Improving Mental Health Awareness

In Australia six men per day take their own lives, our guest Daniel Allen explains. The construction industry in particular has one of the highest suicide rates among professions. These trends carry over the seas to the United States as well, where suicide is the tenth leading cause of death, and men are 3.5 times more likely than women to commit suicide.

Daniel Allen is the co-founder of Trademutt, an Australian clothing company dedicated to making colorful, zany work shirts that start meaningful conversations about men's health and suicide prevention — particularly in the construction industry. Five percent of all Trademutt's profits help fund a discreet, free text-based service that connects those seeking help with psychologists 24/7, called This Is a Conversation Starter.

The construction industry is notoriously bad at showing vulnerability and seeking help for their mental health issues. In this episode, Daniel explains the misconceptions people — men in particular — have about mental health and what you can do to seek help for your blokes, your coworkers, and yourself.

This episode includes touching moments, mental health advice, and one insane mullet.

Listen to it here on Builder Funnel Radio.




  • 0:27 Episode overview
  • 1:10 The story of Daniel & the story of Trademutt
  • 9:23 How big of an issue is mental health in construction? (Spoiler: pretty big!)
  • 14:47 The importance of vulnerability
  • 17:42 The Trademutt mission
  • 21:50 Trademutt's most recent touching story
  • 26:04 How to connect with Daniel and Trademutt
  • 28:09 The Fast Five
  • 31:52 Spencer's takeaways


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