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Ep. 148: What Is Marketing and Sales Automation and How Does it Save Your Team's Time?

It has been a busy time lately for the home building, remodeling, and contracting industries because of the leads that summer months typically bring on top of the booming housing market. In this episode, we have some tips about marketing and sales automation to help free up some of your time to make you slightly less busy. Come listen to Spencer's advice about marketing and sales automation and how it can make your life a little bit easier!

Spencer also answers another question from listeners: What is a reasonable growth goal? Send in your questions today to hear Spencer's thoughts in a future episode!

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  • 0:38 Introduction
  • 1:19 Question of the Day: What Is a Reasonable Growth Goal?
  • 4:02 What Is Automation?
  • 5:12 Lead Follow-Up
  • 5:54 Personalized Nurturing
  • 7:05 Lead Qualification
  • 10:30 Sales Automation Example
  • 11:52 Lead Scoring
  • 13:48 Follow-Up
  • 16:09 Final Thoughts



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