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Ep. 35: How Marketing Has Changed for Builders and Remodelers

In this episode Wes & Brooks Powell, discuss the journey in their early stages of businesses, the changes they’ve made along the way online, disruptive business ideas, and the overall importance of generating leads to generate business. 

Listen to the latest episode of BFR below!


      • 1:09 Introduction
      • 10:30 Convergence Of The Downturn In The Economy And The Convergence Of Technology 
      • 20:12 However you are going to build your business you have to build it through leads
      • 24:18 What’s Your Conversion Ratio? 
      • 26:25 You Have To Be Willing To Embrace Change In Business
      • 36:30 What Is Your Disruptive Business?
      • 40:28 What Is a Disruptive Idea Around The Remodeling Space? 
      • 46:46 Takeaways



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