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The Construction Tech Update Ep. 14: Mark Olson from JobNimbus

Could you imagine if all of your back office responsibilities could get easier? JobNimbus essentially creates an electronic back office for your contracting business to automate and organize your CRM, project management, billing, and more! Check out this podcast to hear Mark Olson share more with Spencer about JobNimbus and how you can work with them as a partner to improve your business!

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio!

  • 0:57 Introduction

  • 2:28 What Does JobNimbus Do?

  • 3:50 What Types of Companies Use JobNimbus?

  • 5:08 What Features About JobNimbus Gets You Excited?

  • 6:52 How Long Does It Take Somebody to Learn to Use JobNimbus?

  • 8:24 What Is the Future of JobNimbus?

  • 10:01 Final Thoughts


  • JobNimbus
  • How Can Marketing Automation Help You Remodeling Company?


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