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Episode 131: Make Your Money Work for You w/ Krisstina Wise

Why are people afraid to talk about money? In this episode, Spencer chats with Krisstina Wise about this concept. If you're interested in learning more about investing, budgeting, growing your wealth, and managing that wealth, then this podcast will teach you what you're looking for! 

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  • 0:38 Introduction
  • 2:04 Why are we all afraid to talk about money?
  • 3:58 How did you get into real estate?
  • 8:53 Where do you start with budgeting?
  • 8:08 Time Investment and Results
  • 11:15 Retirement
  • 17:54 Cash Buckets
  • 26:25 Investments
  • 35:57 How do you stay disciplined with budgeting?
  • 42:05 Income vs Wealth
  • 44:00 Fast Five


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