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Ep 162: How to Make Your Business More Valuable w/ Duane Johns

Starting your own remodeling, contracting, or home building business is a big undertaking! Duane Johns, co-host of Builder Nuggets and regional partner of Alair Homes, joins Spencer in this episode to share some advice on creating your own business freedom. Check out this episode to learn more about creating an exit strategy, how to avoid getting stuck in your company, and how to create freedom in your business.

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  • 0:38 Introduction 
  • 1:35 How Did You Get Into Construction?
  • 2:57 When Did You Decide To Open Your Own Business?
  • 4:35 What Were The Biggest Hurdles? 
  • 6:28 What Are You Doing Now?
  • 11:40 Where Do Most People Get Stuck?
  • 15:15 You Need A Vision For Your Business 
  • 18:39 Exit Strategy From A Buyers Perspective
  • 22:04 What Roles Need To Be Prioritized? 
  • 26:25 Create Freedom In Your Business
  • 29:00 Connect With Duane Johns 
  • 29:26 Fast Five 
  • 31:30 Final Thoughts 



  • Builder Nuggets 
  • Duane Johns' LinkedIn Profile
  • Alair Homes 
  • Remodeler Marketing Blueprint 

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