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Episode 39: Lean Operations for Construction with Joe Stoddard

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Joe Stoddard of mountainconsulting.com.

Joe is an expert in homebuilder processes and systems. He helps homebuilders and remodelers get their businesses under control by identifying problems in their operations and helping fix them.

Joe talks about everything from why systems are so important, how to achieve the "ZERO" Punch-list, how to master the warranty process, and much more. If you own a growing or struggling construction company, then this episode is for you.

Check it out here on Builder Funnel Radio.



    • 1:30 How Joe Got Started
    • 8:00 What is A Lean Business?
    • 14:14 Why Process is So Important
    • 20:00 How to Improve Processes
    • 23:30 The "ZERO" Punch-List // Zero Defects
    • 42:50 Mastering the Warranty Process
    • 49:30 Final Advice: Start Right, End Right

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