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Episode 50: Double Your Lead Conversion Rate [Growth Series Launch]

Introducing: Builder Funnel Growth Series

To celebrate reaching Episode 50 of Builder Funnel Radio, we have something special for our listeners. We are launching our brand new Growth Series! Every other Builder Funnel Radio episode will feature Spencer and focus on tangible ways you can grow your business, grow your team, and grow yourself.

Get ready to be challenged, motivated, inspired, and called to action!

What is a conversion rate?

In our first Builder Funnel Growth Series podcast episode, Spencer dives into conversion rates. In a nutshell, conversion rates are how many people visit your website, and out of those, how many fill out a form to become a lead. That is the rate at which your website converts traffic into leads. 

Spencer talks to us about everything from how to calculate your conversion rate, how to double your conversion rate, and how to increase your leads by increasing your conversion rate.

Would you like more leads without having to buy more traffic? Then this episode is for you!

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio.




  • 3:05 Offer Premium Content
  • 4:28 Call them to Action!
  • 5:40 A practical explanation...
  • 8:00 How to build a Call to Action (CTA)
  • 8:30 What's a landing page, and how to build one...
  • 10:17 Implementing your conversion funnel.
  • 13:49 Conversion rate, and how to track it.
  • 16:21 Calcu-LATE...your conversion...RATE
  • 18:05 Action Items to do now. (step-by-step)

Sample Calls to Action

As promised in this episode, we're including a few samples of graphical calls to action (or CTAs) that we have successfully used on our own website. These are the buttons that someone would click on your website before being taken to a landing page where they we would fill out a form and relinquish their name and email address. The more compelling the CTA, the higher the click rate generally!


Marketing Case Study


New call-to-action


New Call-to-action


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