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Ep 174: Introducing Remodeler Stories

We have an exciting announcement to make! Join Spencer as he introduces our new podcast, Remodeler Stories. Starting in January 2022, once a week we will have remodelers join us to share their journies. We’re hoping you can use this channel as a source of motivation and enlightenment as you navigate through your own journey. Be sure to look for Remodeler Stories on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud!

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio!

  • 0:38 Introduction 

  • 1:06 If You Could Only Work 2 Hours/Week in Your Business, What Would You Do?

  • 2:35 What if You Could Only Subtract to Solve Problems?

  • 3:30 Introducing Our New Podcast

  • 5:03 Purpose of Remodeler Stories

  • 6:50 Guest Benefits  



  • Remodeler Marketing Blueprint

  • Guest Podcasting Email Inquiry: radio@builderfunnel.com



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