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Brand Camp: An Immersive Series on Website UX/UI

Website UX and UI are terms that you may not be familiar with or have heard of. What they stand for is user experience and user interface and have a bigger impact on your website than you may know of. 

This Builder Funnel Radio Original Series is for the construction industry to improve your website and generate more traffic.

Is your website fully optimized, capturing all the possible leads, and easily accessible? Be sure to stay tuned to learn about different aspects you may not have thought about and improve your site!


Episode 1: What Is UX/UI and Why Does it Matter?

UX or user experience focuses on the focuses on a user’s interaction with a product from the first contact to the last. The goal is to reduce as many pain points as possible. 

UI or user interface is an aspect of UX that focuses on the visual and interactive elements of a website, such as fonts, colors, buttons, icons, etc.

This is important for you as this helps build trust and credibility with the user. 

Tune in as Tyler Sinden and Caitlin Kuiper dive into the basics and understanding of UX/UI.


  • 2:45 - What is UX
  • 4:15 - What is UI
  • 5:50 - Home building analogy
  • 11:15 - Why does all this matter?
  • 17:10 - Tyler's key takeaways

Episode 2: Good vs. Bad UX/UI: What Does This Look Like?

Do you know what good and bad UX/UI looks like? Learn about examples of bad UX/UI related to video, CTA's, photos, and much more!

Follow along as Tyler Sinden is joined by Esther Knicely and go through examples of good/bad UX/UI.

  • 3:15 - The good and the bad with videos
  • 6:20 - Navigation
  • 8:25 - User experience simplicity
  • 11:35 - CTA's
  • 14:05 - Optimizing photos

Episode 3: Easy Web Design Tips to Improve Your Sites UI

Dabbling into UI with quick and easy tips that you will be able to observe on your site and implement. Does your webpage have good user interface?

Learn more as Tyler Sinden and Esther Knicely cover simple tips to implement right now.

  • 1:30 - Getting into user interface
  • 3:05 - Tips on content

  • 5:20 - Tips on typography
  • 13:15 - Tips on whitespace
  • 16:55 - Tips on visual hierarchy
  • 19:50 - Final thoughts

Episode 4 - What Role Does Mobile Usability Play?

Is your website mobile-friendly? If so, have you optimized it to the best that it can possibly be? Have you thought about these 5 areas for improvement? 

Here's everything you need to know about website UX/UI and how you can improve your webpage immediately!

  • 1:35 - What is mobile usability?
  • 2:45 - Why mobile usability is vital
  • 4:00 - Tip #1: Your website needs to be mobile responsive
  • 6:15 - Tip #2: Easily clickable
  • 7:55 - Tip #3: Content is king
  • 12:00 - Tip #4: Pop-ups
  • 14:25 - Tip #5: Make speed a priority
  • 18:40 - Quick mini-series recap

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