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Episode 36: How to Achieve Massive Business Growth w/ Josh Kelly

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Josh Kelly of Parker & Sons HVAC and Revukangaroo.com.

Josh is the Marketing Director of Parker & Sons, and in the past 13 years has helped them grow from a $6.5 million dollar company to a $100 million dollar company. That's right, $100 million dollars in 13 years.

Josh has some amazing insights on how to grow a company, and some of them may seem surprisingly simple!

In this episode we cover everything from how to hire, but more importantly retain great talent. How to build and evaluate business systems, how to refine your marketing and sales, and even how to focus on daily goals.

This episode contains pure gold, and if you're in the business of growth then this episode is for you.

Check it out here on Builder Funnel Radio. 



    • 2:00 - How Josh Got Started
    • 6:00 - Focus On the Little Things
    • 8:45 - How to Hire and Keep Great Talent
    • 16:20 - Growth & Leadership
    • 18:30 - How to Build & Rebuild Your Systems
    • 23:05 - Josh's Marketing Process
    • 26:00 - Josh's Sales Process
    • 32:15 - The Power of the Online Review
    • 39:50 - Final Advice: Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!

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