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Ep 156: How to Get the Most out of the Remodeler’s Advantage Summit? w/ Victoria Downing

The past 18 months since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic have been a whirlwind for the remodeling industry. Victoria Downing from Remodeler's Advantage joins Spencer in this episode to chat about the trends in the remodeling industry and offers recommendations for what remodelers should do during the current unpredictable trends in the market. 

Victoria also shares more about the Remodeler's Summit and why you should register today! The summit is less than a month away, so listen now to hear what it is all about!

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio!

  • 0:38 Introduction

  • 2:13 What has the last 18 months of the remodeling industry looked like?

  • 4:24 Have you seen a change from the heat of 2020 to now?

  • 6:18 What advice do you give about the supply shortage in the industry?

  • 10:03 Are there things remodelers should focus on to set themselves up for the future?

  • 14:14 What do you have planned for the summit this year?

  • 16:46 What is your favorite part of these summits?

  • 20:14 What is the best way to get the most out of the summit?

  • 22:04 How do people register?

  • 22:50 Fast Five

  • 24:35 Takeaways


  • Remodeler’s Advantage
  • Remodeler's Summit
  • Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson

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