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Episode 32: Estimating for Remodelers Decoded w/ Michael Stone

In this week's episode Spencer hosts Michael Stone of Markupandprofit.com. Michael is a business coach in the construction industry, and he has over 58 years of experience. We don't mean to date you Michael, but that's an impressive feat!

Michael shares some absolute GEMS in this episode that you cannot afford to miss. We mean that literally.  Michael talks us through his strategies for getting your Estimate Error factor to 2%, he talks about how to structure your payments to keep cash flow healthy, and how to price your jobs so that you maintain a consistent profit, even when things don't go to plan. 

Like we said, you can't afford to miss this episode.

Check it out here on Builder Funnel Radio.  



    • Builder Funnel Radio ft. Michael Stone
    • 3:30 - Estimating Jobs, Reducing Your Errors
    • 9:20 - How to Determine Your Markup
    • 12:47 - How to Clean Up Your Sales Process
    • 26:50 - Here's How to Guarantee You Get Paid
    • 36:00 - Michael's Parting Advice

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