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Ep 163: How to Create a Marketing Plan for My Remodeling Business

In this episode, Spencer talks about how to create a marketing plan for your remodeling business. Learn about the importance of tracking traffic revenue broken down by channels, strategizing funds, and much more!

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  • 0:38 Introduction 
  • 4:00 Start With Your Goals 
  • 4:24 Look At Last Year's Data 
  • 5:10 Decide What To Continue, Increase, Decrease, Or Cut 
  • 5:23 Real World Example
  • 6:43 Put Tracking Mechanisms In Place 
  • 6:58 Break Data Down By Channel 
  • 8:49 Which Jobs Where The Best Fit And Margin?
  • 9:45 Where Did We Get The Best Clients? 
  • 11:00 How Much Did We Spend Per Channel?
  • 12:14 It Is All About Strategy
  • 14:34 Test Something New 
  • 15:13 Make Sure To Track Your Data 



  • Remodeler Marketing Blueprint 
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