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Episode 123: How to Build Value into a Home Improvement Sale w/ Dave Yoho

In this episode, Dave Yoho talks the universal fundamentals of sales for your construction or remodeling business. Adding value for your customers and clients is key, but how can you do that? 

Dave Yoho has decades of experience perfecting the art of the sale. Listen to Dave's insight here!

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  • 2:44 Introduction
  • 3:50 How did you get into this industry?
  • 7:00 Sales
  • 20:30 Adding Value
  • 34:40 Earning Trust
  • 46:15 Fast Five


Dave Yoho is the President of Dave Yoho Associates (www.daveyoho.com) the oldest and largest consulting firm working with home improvement, remodeling and home services companies. Several of their resources are below:

  • Dave Yoho Associates advocates for a scientific methodology that leads the prospect through the purchasing decision. This system is explained in their best-selling package: The Science of Successful In-Home Selling. You can listen to the first recording by clicking the link and scrolling to the bottom of the page: www.daveyoho.com/mp3.php
  • Take advantage of hundreds of training videos on sales, marketing, recruiting/hiring, management/training, and motivation: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZBQMX0_Fa1SzEY6jbJ3kGQ
  • Fill out the brief form to receive access to over 25 webinars and 15 articles on powerful and relevant topics: https://www.daveyoho.com/info.php

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