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Ep 181: How Long Does Inbound Marketing Take?

Spencer Powell | Feb 22, 2022 11:30:00 AM | Builder Funnel Radio, Education, Podcasts

How long does inbound marketing take to get results? Brace yourself; it’s gonna take some time. This week, Spencer goes over the best way to track your inbound marketing efforts, client case studies, and the biggest mistake we see remodeling companies make when it comes to their inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is like investing in a portfolio. Patience is key!

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      • 0:33 Show Sponsor: The Remodeler Growth Community

      • 0:38  Introduction

      • 1:59 Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing  

      • 2:55 How Inbound Marketing Works  

      • 4:58 The Best Way to Analyze Your Organic Growth   

      • 6:42 Four Year Client Case Study 

      • 9:20 The Biggest Mistakes We See Remodeling Companies Make

      • 11:37 One Year Client Case Study 

      • 12:25 Four Year Client Case Study 

      • 14:25 How Long Does Inbound Marketing Take?



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