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Episode 69: The History of Design-Build with David Supple

A Brief History of the Architect

The Profession, the Education, the Etymology

There is often an antagonistic relationship between architects and builders. But did you know? Historically speaking, the architect was always a builder too. According to our guest David Supple, the schism between designer and builder is a recent one, and one that has had a negative effect on the industry and client satisfaction.

David is the CEO and founder of New England Design and Construction and the leader of the Design Build Movement, which is dedicated to melding the schism between designers and builders. In this episode, David gives us a brief and fascinating history lesson on the architect profession — apparently, things are very different now from what they always have been, and David argues this is not a good thing.

David makes the case for why design-build is the best method for all parties involved, especially the client, and gives actionable tips on how you can bridge the gap between design and build in your construction business.

Listen to it here on Builder Funnel Radio.




  • 0:39 Episode overview
  • 1:39 David's Background
  • 4:07 How David sees design-build
  • 7:42 The history of the architect
  • 14:33 Why adopt design-build?
  • 17:13 Bridging the gap between design and construction
  • 21:30 The ideal design-build client
  • 24:34 Why the education of architects in America needs to change
  • 26:01 David's vision for the future of design-build
  • 28:54 How to Connect with the Design Build Movement
  • 30:11 The Fast Five
  • 33:38 Spencer's takeaways


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