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Episode 52: Growth Series: Blogging, Content, and the Inbound Marketing Method

Introducing: Builder Funnel Growth Series

To celebrate reaching Episode 50 of Builder Funnel Radio, we have something special for our listeners. We are launching our brand new Growth Series! Every other Builder Funnel Radio episode will feature Spencer and focus on tangible ways you can grow your business, grow your team, and grow yourself.

Get ready to be challenged, motivated, inspired, and called to action!

Blogging, Content, and What is Inbound?

In the second episode of the Builder Funnel Growth Series, Spencer talks to us about creating content, blogging as an SEO strategy and traffic driver, and we also get an explanation about the Inbound Method.

Spencer covers long term strategies, that, if implemented correctly, can transform your marketing from a liability to an asset.

Learn how to establish yourself as an expert thought leader in your community with the knowledge you already have. Spencer even talks about how this gives you a leg up on your competition.

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio.




  • 2:30 Why blogging is so important.
  • 4:22 Blogs hit multiple fronts...
  • 9:00 How often should I blog?
  • 12:47 The Inbound Method explained.
  • 16:35 Wrapping up, here's what you need to remember...

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