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Gritting it Out During COVID-19 w/ Spencer Padgett

Spencer Powell | Apr 22, 2020 12:53:22 PM | Builder Funnel Radio, COVID-19

In this episode, Spencer P and Spencer P team up to walk through some clear steps to take during this challenging time.  

Spencer Padgett joined CoConstruct as the Builder-in-Residence in August of 2018. As a builder and remodeler, he's both enjoyed and suffered the experience of homebuilding for the past 19 years. Before that he was a Captain in the Marine Corps.

He has owned his own development and contracting business and has been the COO for a large design-build firm out of Chicago. He has entitled and developed over 2,200 acres of residential land and built over 80 custom homes. The teams he led designed and built over $25MM/year in contract value. During the downturn, his company provided due-diligence, pro forma creation, site investigation, development, construction and sales operations for private equity projects located across the country.

If you're looking to learn what steps you can take right now but also how to mentally approach this situation, you'll want to check out this episode on Builder Funnel Radio.

  • 7:45: If you're in a tough spot right now, how should you approach this?
  • 11:40: Creative ways to keep cash coming in.
  • 17:20: How do you know if it makes sense to keep persevering or close the doors?
  • 25:24: Coronavirus economic challenge vs. The Great Recession
  • 30:00: Do you continue to specialize in the same projects or pivot and offer more/different services?


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