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Ep 176: Goal Setting for 2022

Spencer Powell | Jan 18, 2022 11:30:00 AM | Builder Funnel Radio, Education, Podcasts

A new year brings new goals and we want to make sure you have everything you need in order to achieve them. This week, Spencer shares Builder Funnel's goal-setting process and how he tackles his everyday personal goals. Discover how setting a WIG (“wildly important goal”) and creating weekly leads gets everyone on the team moving in the same direction. Press play to learn new ways to start crushing your goals in 2022!

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio!

    • 0:38 Sponsor Shoutout: The Remodeler Growth Community

    • 1:14 Introduction

    • 1:20 Goal Setting Walkthrough 

    • 2:36 Overview of Builder Funnel’s WIG Process

    • 3:43 The Importance of Setting Clearly Defined Goals  

    • 5:28 The Purpose of Lead and Lag Measures  

    • 9:44 The Goal Setting Process Used at Builder Funnel  

    • 11:40 How Spencer Sets Intentional Goals in His Personal Life 

    • 13:55 Action Items That Help You Stay on Track 

    • 14:32 Key Takeaways for Goal Setting



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