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Ep. 34: Residential Construction Business Planning for 2021

In this episode, Wes & Brooks Powell discuss their processes going into the new year and the importance of installing systems for achieving both professional and personal goals. 

Listen to the latest episode of BFR below!

      • 2:06  Introduction
      • 6:35 Process To Going Into The New Year: Goals  
      • 12:35 Do You Always Hit All Of Your Goals? 
      • 18:41 What's The System Behind Your Goals? 
      • 21:19 Four Disciplines of Execution - Leads Vs Lag
      • 25:00 Accountability
      • 27:41 Plans Are Useless But Planning Is Everything
      • 30:56 Shorter, Closer Goals: Giving a Team Opportunity for Success
      • 37:55 Takeaways 



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