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Ep 185: Hiring Solutions for Remodelers in 2022 w/ Ed Earl

Spencer Powell | Mar 22, 2022 11:30:00 AM | Builder Funnel Radio, Education, Podcasts

Lately, figuring out how to hire the right person for a remodeling or construction job has been a top struggle many businesses face. This week, we brought Ed Earl from Contractor Staffing Source and his 30 years of construction experience onto the show to share with you the best ways to find talented staff to grow your construction company. Ed is an energetic, talented national speaker with a passion for helping contractors reduce conflict in their business and improve communication with their clients, so start listening now!

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio!

        •  0:38  Introduction

        • 0:48 Get to Know Ed Earl  

        • 2:50 What Ed is Hearing From His Clients  

        • 4:24 Possible Reasons for Today’s High Demand  

        • 7:34 Is There Enough Skilled Labor to Meet the Demand?

        • 10:54 The Game of Poaching vs Transitioning 

        • 14:36 Recommendations Around Building Internal Training   

        • 20:23 Hiring Best Practices

        • 24:47 Builder Funnel’s Hiring Process 

        • 26:06 Personal Ways to Assess a Potential Employee 

        • 30:30 Fast Five with Ed Earl 

        • 32:25 Key Takeaways



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        • Ed Earl's Website
        • Email Ed Earl at: info@contractorstaffingsource.com

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