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Episode 58: Branding vs Marketing

Builder Funnel Growth Series

On the growth series episodes, Spencer and other Builder Funnel teammates will tackle the hottest topics in marketing, business, and personal growth for leaders in the home building and remodeling industry, to help you find success in an ever-changing business world.


Why and How to Define Your Brand

In Episode 58 of Builder Funnel Radio Growth Series, Spencer discusses the difference between branding vs. marketing and how many people (including himself) have been reluctant to embrace the importance of branding. 

Many people think branding is just for the bigger companies like Coca Cola and Nike, when in reality a unique brand is something every company could (and should) have. Even an individual can have a unique brand.

Spencer goes through a few thought exercises about brand to get everyone thinking about its usefulness. Spencer talks using social media, email, and video as branding tools, and shares his love for the brands of Under Armor and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

He also shares a few action items regarding how you can start defining your brand and values in 2020.

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio.



  • :28 Branding vs. marketing overview
  • 2:35 Is branding just for the “big boys”?
  • 3:40 Thought exercise: Which brands do you resonate with?
  • 5:38 The importance of branding consistency
  • 7:02 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s personal brand
  • 9:00 What do you and your company stand for?
  • 9:44 Action item: what are your core values?
  • 11:31 Social media, email, and video as branding tools
  • 15:17 Think of yourself as a media company
  • 17:40 Be an educator as part of your brand
  • 19:32 Thinking about marketing and branding in 2020
  • 21:00 What changed my tune about branding


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