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Episode 56: Habit Momentum

Introducing: Builder Funnel Growth Series

To celebrate reaching Episode 50 of Builder Funnel Radio, we have something special for our listeners. We are launching our brand new Growth Series! Every other Builder Funnel Radio episode will feature Spencer and focus on tangible ways you can grow your business, grow your team, and grow yourself.

Get ready to be challenged, motivated, inspired, and called to action!

Transforming Your Life with Habits

In this episode, Spencer talks about habits. How to identify them, how to change them, and how to benefit from the experience.

Good habits are key to being consistent in anything you do. Sometimes we form, and act on habits that we don't even realize we have. We think our actions are intentional, but are they really?

Learn how to tackle tough areas of your life that you would love to transform, by altering your habits.

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio.




  • 2:00 Audit Your Habits
  • 4:00 The start of habit change...
  • 8:59 Powerful tactics that can help you...
  • 11:45 Strategy for being productive...
  • 13:00 Where habit change can lead...

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