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The Construction Tech Update Ep. 18: Noah Baker from Touchplan

The Construction Tech Update is back this week with Noah Baker joining Spencer to talk about Touchplan! Noah is the Senior Solutions Engineer for Touchplan which is a field-collaborative planning space that aims to make the planning and management of construction projects easier. Through data analytics, the app helps contractors improve efficiency throughout projects to increase profitability

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio!

  • 0:38 Introduction

  • 1:40 What Is Touchplan?

  • 3:45 Touchplans Target Customer

  • 5:22 What Is the Biggest Way the Touchplan Adds Value to Consumers?

  • 7:41 How Long Does it Take to Get Started with Touchplan?

  • 10:48 Touchplan’s Integrations

  • 13:54 How to Learn More

  • 15:19 Future of Touchplan



  • Touchplan
  • The Saturday Shift (Touchplan's Newsletter)
  • Voices of Construction
  • Build Lead Succeed


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