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The Construction Tech Update Ep. 8: Tim Musch from MarketSharp

Do you want a CRM that has exactly what you need for your home building, remodeling, and contracting business? MarketSharp is an industry-specific CRM platform that caters to the needs of the construction industry. In this episode, Time Musch from MarketSharp joins Spencer to share more details about the MarkeSharp CRM, the artificial intelligence that makes it a "smart CRM," and how the CRM helps with lead conversion

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  • 0:54 Introduction

  • 1:24 What Did You Do Before MarketSharp?

  • 4:38 What Does the Product Look Like Now?

  • 7:00 What Aspects of MarketSharp are Industry Specific and Solving Problems for Customers?

  • 10:07 What Does MarketSharp Analyze with Artificial Intelligence?

  • 11:40 What Strategies Can People Use to Deal with the Influx of Leads?

  • 14:20 What Are the Benefits of MarketSharp Being in the Ever Commerce Portfolio?

  • 16:13 Future of MarketSharp

  • 17:42 Final Thoughts


  • MarketSharp
  • Improve it 360
  • Apple's 1984 SuperBowl Ad
  • EverCommerce

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