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The Construction Tech Update Ep. 9: Steven Stencil from Leap

If you are looking for resources to make your remodeling and contracting sales processes easier, Leap could be the perfect app for you! Leap digitizes and simplifies the entire sales process for in-home remodeling and contracting. 

Come hear more from Spencer and Steven, the creator of Leap, about how the app works, how it can help your remodeling business, and the integration capabilities offered in the app. 

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio!


  • 0:52 Introduction

  • 2:48 What Problems Do Leap Solve?

  • 7:45 What Is Leap?

  • 10:11 Who Is Leap a Good Fit For?

  • 11:36 Leap for Project Management

  • 12:23 Leap Integrations

  • 13:46 What Is the Future of Leap?

  • 14:47 Final Thoughts


  • Leap
  • Leap's Integrations

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