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Construction Technology Update Ep. 3: Dean Curtis from Ingage

In this week's construction tech update, Spencer talks with Dean Curtis from Ingage to hear more about Ingage's interactive presentation software for home builders, remodelers, and contractors, and why it's a huge step-up from a simple Powerpoint. Hear more about how Ingage is improving the future of sales presentations and analytics!

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio!


  • 1:00 Introduction
  • 2:20 What is Ingage?
  • 3:53 Ingage Presentations vs Powerpoint
  • 5:59 How Do You Keep Ingage Presentations
    Updated, but Not Online?
  • 6:54 Case Study Example
  • 8:43 Ingage Analytics
  • 11:20 More About Ingage
  • 13:40 Future of Ingage
  • 16:18 Final Thoughts

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