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The Construction Technology Update Ep. 7: Carson Miller from BuildBook

Communication and project management can be difficult, especially when you have to bounce between different tools and platforms throughout the process. BuildBook is a software platform for home builders, remodelers, and contractors that gives you everything you need, but nothing that you don't. It makes the project management and communication processes much simpler to use and manage. Come hear more from Carson Miller, CEO and founder of BuildBook, about how their platform can help you manage your projects easier. 

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  • 0:45 Introduction

  • 1:53 What Is the Big Problem that BuildBook Solves?

  • 3:22 What Is the Product Like?

  • 5:33 What Makes BuildBook Different Than Other Options?

  • 8:12 What Kind of Companies Is BuildBook Made For?

  • 10:06 What Is the Future of BuildBook?

  • 12:14 Final Thoughts


  • BuildBook
  • BuildBook's 10 Day Free Trial



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