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Episode 64: How to Build Your Future Marketing & Sales Pipeline

Spencer Powell | Nov 26, 2019 9:30:09 AM | Lead Conversion, Lead Generation

Builder Funnel Growth Series

Builder Funnel Radio Growth Series, featuring Spencer Powell and other Builder Funnel teammates, discuss actionable ways to achieve continuous growth for yourself and your business.

Builders, Remodelers, Contractors:
Be Kind to Your Future Self

Maybe your sales funnel is overflowing right now — that's great. But maybe you're thinking about an upcoming recession. Your funnel might not be so hot then. But there are ways to prep for your future sales funnel, and it involves thinking about the way you are handling your leads right now.

Spencer suggests there are ways to be nice to your future self and your future pipeline, and it involves paying close to attention to the part of the funnel that is often neglected — the very top. Thinking about the folks at the top of your funnel and nurturing them early is a way to keep leads interested in your brand so that they come back to you later and keep your funnel nice and full. In this episode, Spencer discusses actionable ways your business can start doing this.

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio.

  • 00:27 Episode overview
  • 1:58 Building your future pipeline
  • 3:43 How does this work in marketing?
  • 5:27 Paying special attention to the top of the funnel
  • 8:53 Action items

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