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Ep 147: Using Branding to Attract the Perfect Customers w/ Eric Price

How do you come up with a good name for your business? What do you want people to think of when they think of your name and business? This is all about branding. In this week's episode, Eric Price from Bearded Builders joins Spencer to talk about how he branded his company to attract the right employees and customers. 


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  • 0:38 Introduction
  • 1:35 How Did You Get Into Construction?

  • 3:00 What Was the Process of Naming Your Business?

  • 4:04 Why Do You Think People Were Drawn to the Name?

  • 6:59 What Kind of Projects Do You Do Now?

  • 8:30 What Should People Who Are Starting A Business Avoid?

  • 12:20 What Part of the Business Was the Most Challenging?

  • 13:58 What are Some of Your Big Wins So Far?

  • 15:22 What Would You Tell People Who Haven’t Gotten Into Branding Yet

  • 17:21 Final Thoughts

  • 20:28 Takeaways



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