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Episode 57: The Future of Green Architecture with Eric Corey Freed

Why the Green Building Revolution Is Good for Your Business

Eric Corey Freed began his architecture career at age six while drawing better versions of his home on his father's RX pad. Ever since he began his full-time career as an architect, Eric was looking at sustainability before it was a trend.

In 2019, why do Net Zero Buildings matter so much to Eric's mission of improving the climate change crisis?



More than half of our carbon emissions come from our construction and operation of buildings. Eric dives into how architects, builders, remodelers, and the entire construction industry can do better - how they can design, build, and plan for a greener future starting today.

What gives Eric hope is the push for renewable energy, automation, mindful materials, and shifting policy in densely populated states. Not only are there immediate savings on the upfront construction of sustainable homes, but there are also savings in automation and insurance after the fact. As Eric describes, the business case for moving to green missions already exists.

Technology Companies Are Already Disrupting the Construction Industry

How can we disrupt today's mindset around building? Eric suggests we start following tech companies like Google and WeWork. Currently, disruption has shown up not from inside the construction industry but rather as threats to it, such as 3D printing buildings.

As Eric points out, giant tech firms are already making moves to disrupt the construction industry in an effort to reduce its climate change effects. It's already possible to print 4D versions of buildings (essentially 3D versions with data). The next step is reading the data and predicting what steps need to be taken next.

Eric suggests that drones previewing work sites are already on the cusp of being mainstream. He even points out that robots installing drywall could be on the cusp of future technology to look out for in the industry.

What Happens As Technology Increases on the Job Site?

Eric dives into the plans for the future. It's not a mass distinction of labor jobs but rather a shift as humans move from laborers to managers of the technology. There will always be a need for smart people, just a smaller need for menial tasks. 

The next big steps for the construction industry include Eric's 7 pillars:

  • radical efficiency
  • radical sufficiency
  • radical simplicity
  • radical electrification
  • radical decarbonization
  • radical restoration
  • radical community

How to Get Started Making Large Changes in Your Community

You don't have to start large. In fact, you can start very technical. But the key to making change in the construction industry is to start trying.

Even if all you do is ask more questions on projects, you may be able to identify where you can do better. For more helpful resources, check out the links below in our Resources tab.

As Eric points out, this isn't a fringe movement - it's mainstream. The sooner you can embrace the changes, the better off you'll be.

3D Printing and Its Effects on the Building Industry

Eric's favorite factor of 3D printing is that it still involves people. This shift in the industry supports job expansion rather than elimination, but it also supports creating products in a more sustainable way.

Essentially, 3D printing can build framework. And it can build from anything - including mud and recyclables. 

No matter if you're a seasoned vet to building or remodeling or if you're just starting out, there's no pain in learning more about sustainable practices. If you're curious to learn more, this episode is for you.

Learn all about it here on Builder Funnel Radio.



  • 1:43 How Eric got started in the construction space
  • 3:55 What does climate change have to do with construction
  • 16:00 Disruptive technology moving towards net zero and beyond
  • 18:41 Upcoming disruptions to look out for
  • 20:50 Job shifts in construction as technology increases
  • 22:22 What's next for the construction industry
  • 23:08 Eric's 7 pillars in improving climate change effects in building
  • 27:41 How to get started or make progress
  • 31:00 3D printing and its affects on the building industry
  • 35:30 Eric's words of encouragement and education
  • 38:12 How to get in touch with Eric
  • 38:50 Fast Five (lightning round)

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