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Spencer Powell

Recent Posts

Episode 39: Lean Operations for Construction with Joe Stoddard

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Joe Stoddard of mountainconsulting.com.

Joe is an expert in homebuilder processes and systems. He helps homebuilders and remodelers get their businesses under control by identifying problems in their operations and helping fix them.

Joe talks about everything from why systems are so important, how to achieve the "ZERO" Punch-list, how to master the warranty process, and much more. If you own a growing or struggling construction company, then this episode is for you.

Check it out here on Builder Funnel Radio.

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Episode 38: Making Profit A Habit with Shawn Van Dyke

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Shawn Van Dyke of Profitfirstcontractor.com.

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Episode 37: Mastering Home Builder Customer Service w/ Carol Smith

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Carol Smith of Home Address. We talk about Customer Service, and how it can be used to grow your business. Carol got her start by doing mortgages when interest rates were 15%+! Can you imagine?!

Carol discovered that she had a knack for the customer service element, and after her boss sent her to Washington DC to give a presentation on customer service -  Carol decided to pursue a career in the field and has been doing it ever since. Now Carol helps construction business owners rework or build from the ground up - fantastic customer service systems.

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Episode 36: How to Achieve Massive Business Growth w/ Josh Kelly

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Josh Kelly of Parker & Sons HVAC and Revukangaroo.com.

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Episode 35: Getting Traffic to Your Contractor Website via Paid Advertising

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Marc Levesque of Webrunner Media. Marc is a paid advertising expert and co-founder of Webrunner Media which is a paid advertising agency that works with Contractors and Home Improvement businesses. Marc covers topics from common paid ad mistakes that rookies make, to how to build a landing page that converts, and even the difference between paid ads and content marketing. Marc covers a ton of great content in this episode, so if you're the owner of a home improvement, or contracting business then this podcast is for you.  

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Episode 34: Why Your Construction Business Needs a CRM w/ Bobby Darnell

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Bobby Darnell of Construction Market Consultants. Bobby has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, and is an expert in the CRM set-up and sales process. Bobby helps companies implement CRM software processes, and helps refine their sales strategies as well. If your company relies on sales (which we imagine it does) then this episode is for you. 

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Episode 33: The What and Why Behind Builder Funnel Radio plus Marketing and Life Hacks

In this week's episode we have Ethan Beute from BombBomb back in the studio, but this time Ethan takes the reigns and hosts Spencer as a guest on his own podcast. Ethan talks to Spencer about how the podcast got started and who it's good for. We talk about some mistakes companies make with their marketing, we talk about how to read 50 books a year...we get into a little bit of everything on this episode.

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Episode 32: Estimating for Remodelers Decoded w/ Michael Stone

In this week's episode Spencer hosts Michael Stone of Markupandprofit.com. Michael is a business coach in the construction industry, and he has over 58 years of experience. We don't mean to date you Michael, but that's an impressive feat!

Michael shares some absolute GEMS in this episode that you cannot afford to miss. We mean that literally.  Michael talks us through his strategies for getting your Estimate Error factor to 2%, he talks about how to structure your payments to keep cash flow healthy, and how to price your jobs so that you maintain a consistent profit, even when things don't go to plan. 

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Episode 31: Social Media Decoded with Spencer Powell

In this week's episode, Spencer runs solo and talks to about social media. Social media can be somewhat of an enigma. There are so many different viable strategies you can implement to grow your business, it's hard to pick just one. In this week's episode, Spencer talks about which social channels are best for your construction business, how much you should be posting, where you should be using hashtags, and Spencer even has a great solution for those of you out there that don't have time to invest in social media. 

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Episode 30: The Art of Negotiation w/ Mark Raffan

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Mark Raffan of Negotiations Ninja.

Mark is a seasoned sales professional who fell in love with the procurement process and by doing so, became an expert in the art of negotiation. He now coaches others in the art of negotiation and runs a great podcast where you can learn his ways. On our episode this week, Mark takes us through how to navigate the negotiation process from beginning to end. Mark talks to us about how to prep for your negotiation by doing good research, figuring out your number and learning to listen - and he takes us all the way to closing the negotiation out on a good note. 

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