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The Construction Cut with Taylor Rennick- 02/24/20

Episode 76: From ME to TEAM: Lessons Learned from 10 Years Building & Leading a Team

The Construction Cut with Taylor Rennick- 02/17/20

Episode 75: How Magleby Construction Is Succeeding with Vertical Integration

The Construction Cut with Taylor Rennick- 02/10/20

Episode 74: FAQs About Auto Posting, Website Value, & Bad Reviews

The Construction Cut with Taylor Rennick- 02/03/20

Episode 73: How to Prevent Construction Fraud with Nicole Landau

The Construction Cut with Taylor Rennick- 01/27/20

Episode 72: Social Media for Branding vs. Lead Generation

The Construction Cut with Taylor Rennick- 01/20/20

Episode 71: How to Start 'Edutaining' Your Leads Through Blogs w/ Mike Foti

Episode 70: Spencer’s Top Book Recommendations [2020]

Episode 69: The History of Design-Build with David Supple

Episode 68: State of Marketing for Construction

Episode 67: Increasing Mental Health Awareness in the Construction Industry w/ Daniel Allen

Episode 66: Turning Analytics into Revenue w/ Taylor Rennick

Episode 65: End of Year Tax & Financial Planning for Construction Businesses w/Patrick Camuso, CPA

Episode 64: How to Build Your Future Marketing & Sales Pipeline

Episode 63: How Eastbrook Homes Uses Community Events to Drive Sales

Episode 62: How the Trade War Is Affecting the Construction Industry with Taylor Rennick

Episode 61: Construction Is A Not for Profit Industry with David Gerstel

Episode 60: Sell More Homes & Remodeling Projects with Professional Photos

Episode 59: Company Culture, Technology, and Personal Branding with Chris Hartley

Episode 58: Branding vs Marketing

Episode 57: The Future of Green Architecture with Eric Corey Freed

Episode 56: Habit Momentum

Episode 55: Small & Mighty with Rob Baugher

Episode 54: Always Be Learning

Episode 53: Achieving Rapid Growth for Your Construction Business w/ Matthew Pollard

Episode 52: Growth Series: Blogging, Content, and the Inbound Marketing Method

Episode 51: The 7 Pillars of Business w/ Darnyelle Harmon

Episode 50: Double Your Lead Conversion Rate [Growth Series Launch]

Episode 49: How to Grow & Sell Design Firm Companies w/ Fares Elsabbagh

Episode 48: Recession-Proof Your Remodeling Business w/ David Lupberger

Episode 47: Overcoming Challenges in Your Construction Business w/ Spencer Padgett

Episode 46: Why Giving Free Quotes Is Hurting Your Construction Business

Episode 45: How to Retain Great Employees and Build Company Culture w/ Josh Munns

Episode 44: Grow Your Construction Company with Facebook Ads w/ Adam Sand

Episode 43: The Customer Experience Funnel (CEF) w/ Kimberly Mackey

Episode 42: How to Improve Home Sales w/ John Palumbo

Episode 41: How to Remove Chaos from Your Construction Business with Todd Dawalt

Episode 40: Nurturing Home Builder Leads with Online Sales featuring Jen Barkan

Episode 39: Lean Operations for Construction with Joe Stoddard

Episode 38: Making Profit A Habit with Shawn Van Dyke

Episode 37: Mastering Home Builder Customer Service w/ Carol Smith

Episode 36: How to Achieve Massive Business Growth w/ Josh Kelly

Episode 35: Getting Traffic to Your Contractor Website via Paid Advertising

Episode 34: Why Your Construction Business Needs a CRM w/ Bobby Darnell

Episode 33: The What and Why Behind Builder Funnel Radio plus Marketing and Life Hacks

Episode 32: Estimating for Remodelers Decoded w/ Michael Stone

Episode 31: Social Media Decoded with Spencer Powell

Episode 30: The Art of Negotiation w/ Mark Raffan

Episode 29: New Home Sales Management with Kathy Tucker

Episode 28: Inbound Marketing Q&A w/ Spencer Powell

Episode 27: Recruit & Train Incredible Employees for Your Construction Business w/ Shawn Van Dyke

Ep. 26: Why Email is the Best Way to Reach Your Audience w/ Ethan Beute

Episode 25: Level Up Your Construction Business featuring Dominic Rubino

Episode 24: Websites: Form or Function with Spencer Powell

Episode 23: Grow Smarter with Business Analytics w/ Jason Adams & Frank Patka

Episode 22: Learn How to Grow Your Business by Networking w/ Blair Kaplan

Episode 21: Grow Your Construction Business w/ Graeme Owen

Episode 20: Leveraging Live Chat to Grow Your Business w/ Jonathan Scott

Episode 19: Leveraging Customer Feedback to Grow Your Business w/ Laura Summerlin

Episode 18: An Expert Guide to Public Relations with Carol Morgan

Episode 17: 7 Tips to Grow Your Business by 61% with Tim Musch

Episode 16: How to Create a Killer Home Sales Process w/ Debra Bernard

Episode 15: New Home Sales Management: Close 50 Sales a Year w/ Kimberly Mackey

Episode 14: Perfecting Your Sales Follow-up Process w/ Kyle Hunt

Episode 13: Growing Your Contracting Business w/ Shawn Van Dyke

Episode 12: Navigating the World of the Reputation Economy with Erin Lewis

Episode 11: Partnering with Brokers with Quint Lears

Episode 10: Master Sales Prospecting w/ Chip Doyle 

Episode 9: State of Home Builder Marketing w/Brooks Powell

Episode 8: Home Builder Lead Generation w/ Will Duderstadt

Episode 7: Grow Your Contracting Business w/Tom Reber

Episode 6: Sales Tips for Remodelers w/ Kyle Hunt

Episode 5: Debunking Remodeler Marketing Myths w/ Mark Harari

Episode 4: What is Inbound Marketing?

Episode 3: Biggest Mistakes Remodelers Make w/ Victoria Downing

Episode 2: Why Is Marketing Important for Home Builders & Remodelers?

Episode 1: Introduction to the Podcast