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Autoresponders: What They Are and Clever Ways Home Builders Can Use Them

Spencer Powell | July 14, 2017

Marketing anything is about multiple contact opportunities. The more often you put your name and your brand in front of a potential customer, the more likely you will be to eventually make a sale.

However, as anyone who has done this type of marketing (as part of a home builder marketing strategy or otherwise) will tell you, brand building takes a lot of time and effort if you’re relying solely on an old-fashioned, real-world sales team.


Technology to the Rescue!

Thanks to technology, you can take advantage of a software tool called an autoresponder to use your home builder website and email marketing to pick up some of the slack.

Here’s how.

What is an Autoresponder?

Before we launch into how you can use autoresponders as a home builder marketing tool, you might be wondering what they are. Very simply, they’re a piece of software used to create and schedule automatic emails to your opt-in email list.

In other words, when someone provides you with their email address, the address automatically gets added to the software, automatically triggering your service to start sending emails according to your predetermined schedule and order. So everyone who signs up to your list gets the same series of emails, in the same order, no matter when they sign up.

Now that we’ve explained that, it’s time to look at how you can make automation work for you.


Autoresponder Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

There are endless ways you can use autoresponders to market your home building company. Here are a few great ideas:

  • Create a series of DIY instructions with images or video and offer them as a free package to your prospects.
  • Design a series of emails discussing the best upgrades and renovation ideas to increase property value.
  • Create a series relating to your community rather than strictly to home building. Families considering a move to your city would probably love a series of emails giving them 101 ideas for things to do with kids or 101 great places to visit for under $50!
  • Offer an email series providing information about popular building materials.
  • Offer a kitchen, bathroom or basement design series.
  • If it’s nearly summer, a series of outdoor-themed emails includingdeck ideas, outdoor kitchen tips and even barbecue or drink recipes is a great way to generate interest and get people to opt in.
  • Create an autoresponder contest series in which recipients need to answer a series of questions to find the final answer. Tie in social media by requiring entry via a social media platform, or post an entry form on your website.

There are many other great ways you can use autoresponders in your home builder marketing strategy, but the golden rule is that you need to offer something useful that people want to see.

They don’t want to be sold to. They want something they can use, that’s interesting to read and that they might even share.

If you can give them that, you’ll ultimately become a trusted friend and when they are ready to make a decision to build a home, you’ll be first on their list. Now that makes good marketing sense.


Topics: Email Marketing, Home Builder Marketing